Reimage PC Repair

Is Reimage Repair a virus? -  It is just a wrong term used to describe a legitimate PC Repair program


Reimage is occasionally mistakenly referred to as Reimage Repair virus. We can assure you that it is not a virus. And if you are wondering is Reimage safe, the answer to that is yes. A computer virus corrupts systems, destroys data and generally wrecks havoc on a computer. And that definition certainly does not fit Reimage Repair. Despite what some people may claim, Reimage Repair is not a virus, nor is it malicious. It is fully safe to use, and can help keep your computer running smoothly.

Reimage PC Repair is essentially a system repair program that scans for and fixes various errors and issues on Windows computers. It can help take care of issues that cause Windows errors and the blue screen of death, can fix DLL errors and restore a system damaged by a virus. What Reimage does is basically, it replaces damaged, corrupted or deleted files with new files from the program's online database, which resolves errors and restores normal computer use. There's not many tools like this available so many people ought to find it useful. While Reimage specializes in Windows repair, it does offer somewhat similar versions for Mac and Android users.

Reimage is a fairly easy-to-use program, with a non-complicated interface. This allows the program to be used by people with different skill levels. A free scan (which apparently takes 5 minutes) will inform you of any issues related to corrupted, damaged or missing files that could be causing you issues. However, Reimage is not a free program, and in order to repair the identified issues, a paid license is needed. The license will allow you to fix errors and blue screens, repair damage done by viruses and help you keep track of your computer's stability.


Why you need to download Reimage Repair? What Reimage Online Computer Repair fixes?


Windows Errors


Since Reimage is primarily a repair program, it fixes all kinds of errors you may encounter when using Windows. It does so by replacing damaged, corrupted or removed files with new ones, which are obtained from the program's database. For example, when you encounter a Windows error, there could be all kinds of reasons for it to appear. If you are at least somewhat tech-savvy, you can try to fix the error manually, but not everyone has the time or the skill for that. Reimage would scan the computer, find and fix files that are causing the errors to appear. Reimage PC Repair has a huge database with 25 million files, so it can easily replace corrupted files and stop errors.

Blue Screen

reimage-temperatureIf you haven't encountered a blue screen (also known as the blue screen of death) before, count yourself lucky. It's a literal blue screen caused by a serious error, which causes your system to crash. If the blue screen is not caused by hardware problems, Reimage could help prevent it from appearing. It would run a scan, find the damaged files causing the blue screens and replace them with new files from its 25 million file database. Since corrupted files would be replaced with new ones, blue screens would stop appearing. However, whether Reimage can help you really depends on why you are shown the blue screen of death. Remember, the program cannot resolve hardware problems, so if the blue screen is not caused by a file error, Reimage will not be able to help you.



Windows DLL Errors


DLL or Dynamic Link Library files are essential parts of programs, without which they cannot run properly. When a DLL file is corrupted or deleted, an error appears and the programs that use said files no longer run properly. When an error says DLL is missing, it usually means that the DLL file has an incorrect name or has been moved to a different location. Corrupt DLL error usually means that either you or some kind of malicious program tried to alter contents of DLL files. It's possible to manually fix these issues but it might take a very long time. Reimage is very useful in this regard because it will identify missing or corrupt DLL files and replace them with new ones automatically.


Virus Damage

When a virus enters a computer, it can cause a lot of havoc and severely affect your computer in a negative way. Unfortunately, in some cases, computer issues do not end after a virus is deleted. And anti-virus programs, while able to remove viruses, are not capable of fixing the damage a virus has already done.

Reimage Pc Repair 2018 Crack So even after a virus has been deleted, your computer may remain damaged. Reimage Repair tool is the perfect complementary program to anti-virus programs because after the virus is deleted by anti-virus, Reimage Repair can remove leftover virus files and replace corrupted ones, repairing the damage that remained.

What Reimage does not repair

Reimage cannot repair third-party programs (Microsoft Office, Skype, Mozilla Firefox, iTunes, etc.). Reimage is also not an anti-virus program, thus it does not provide sufficient protection against malware. It's more of a complimentary tool to anti-virus software, which repairs damage caused by a virus. Needless to say, it also does not repair problems with your hardware.


Reimage PC Repair Price

Reimage PC Repair priceReimage is a paid program that has a free scan feature. Scan results will show detected issues but in order to repair them, you will need to buy the program. The Reimage license key can be obtained from the official website. Reimage offers a 1 year plan that includes all features the tool has available (repairing virus damage, Window's and applications' stability issues, operating system restoration, Windows registry optimization, hardware analysis, PC scanning and assessment).

For Windows: 1 license for unlimited 1 year use is €65.95, but it currently is offered for €37.95.

For Mac: 1 license for unlimited 1 year use is €25.11. A one time repair license is also an option and costs €17.11.


Reimage Repair for MAC

Reimage has been made available for Mac computers as well. Although the Reimage Repair Mac version does not offer as many features as the Windows version, some Mac users may still benefit from it. Reimage for Mac allows you to free up space, and monitor hardware and storage. The cleaner will allow you to clear your browsing history and cache, and the monitoring feature will allow you to check what could be taking up space unnecessarily.

Reimage Repair for MAC

Reimage Repair for Mobile

Reimage Cleaner is also available for Android, and can be obtained from the Google Play Store. Unlike the original program for Windows however, Reimage Repair mobile is more of a cleaner. It can boost your device's performance by cleaning your browser and removing unnecessary data from your device. The monitoring feature will also allow you to check what files are unnecessarily taking up space.

Reimage Repair for Mobile

Reimage Repair is a useful tool to have if your device if constantly showing errors, which disrupt your regular computer use. By replacing damaged, corrupted or deleted files with new ones, Reimage can solve a variety of issues. It's also a great anti-virus complimentary tool that will repair damage caused by a virus. Reimage Repair download can be done directly from the website. It's also where you can obtain the Reimage Repair license key.

Download ReImage

Reimage PC Repair scans your computer, evaluates its condition, and repairs the corrupted Windows operating system files. The highly renowned tool can improve your PC speed, ensure its stability, and restore settings and registry values affected by malicious programs. The unique application connects to its online data base, which contains over 25 million authentic Microsoft files, and replaces the damaged Windows files thus restoring your computer's peak performance.

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System Requirements

Reimage Full Version Information

File Format
EXE (Standalone) System

Operating Systems Supported
Microsoft® Windows® XP (32-bit) Home/Professional/Tablet PC/Media Center (32-bit) with Service Pack 2 or later
Microsoft Windows Vista® (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate
Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate
Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro (32-bit and 64-bit)
Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 10 Pro (32-bit and 64-bit)

Minimum Hardware Requirements
300 MHz or higher for Microsoft Windows XP, 1 GHz or higher for Microsoft Windows Vista/Microsoft Windows 7/Microsoft Windows 8
256 MB of RAM
150 MB of available hard disk space

Web Browser Requirements
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later

Contact & Support

Financial HeadquartersReimage Ltd.

3 Athinodorou Street
2025 Nicosia, Cyprus

R&D CenterRSF LTD.
(Remote Software Fix Ltd.)

HaArba'a 21
Tel Aviv, Israel